New Class: Midday at CHI Gallery – Tuesdays 1-2pm

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I’ll be offering a midday yoga class starting next Tuesday, October 14th from 1-2pm. Ideal for you if you’re a work-from-home type, a service industry type, or a close to downtown/Fair Park type who can come do a class on your lunch hour. This class will service you. It will be small by design and unique to whatever you want …

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The Yoga of Breath

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From Richard Rosen’s “The Yoga of Breath”: “How does an inefficient breather breathe? She’s inclined to breathe too shallowly, mostly high in the chest because the diaphragm is stuck, and too fast – she hyperventilates, which makes the flow of breath turbulent. She often breathes through the mouth, which is universally censured because it reinforces hyperventilation, and under extreme stress …

Integrating Yoga philosophy into your practice

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Are you honest with yourself about pain or discomfort in a posture? Do you ignore or push through to potential injury? Do you have a clear sense of your body’s structural limitations and do you embrace the willingness to modify or add props to support them? Honoring the truth about your body and your pain threshold cultivates a safe, stable, honest practice.