A Yogic Foodway

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“The three kinds of faith express themselves in habits of those who hold them: in the food they like, the work they do, the disciplines they practice, the gifts they give. Listen, and I will describe their different ways.” – The Bhagavad Gita, intro. and transl. by Eknath Easwaran, Nilgiri Press, 1985/2008.   Devotees of Krishna (as well as many, many …

The Body In Drought

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A long time ago, when I was first attending yoga classes, I was a little Miss Sacrosanct about what went into my body after class. The feelings of lightness, balance, the peace – were states I didn’t want to make heavy with a glass of wine or a big meal. Often I’d stop and pick up sushi and have water with my dinner. …

Fire in the Belly (Revised): Manipura Chakra

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The following is a revised version of an article I wrote and posted here about 4 years ago or so. I thought it would provide some useful background to our next Citrakarma/Yoga+Art session at The Color Shack, coming up Sunday June 28th from 1-3pm. We’ll be exploring manipura chakra through yoga postures and aromatherapy, and then we’ll put some paint on a canvas! …

Previews Part 3: Yoga & Breath – A Workshop

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More highlights of what we’ll be covering in my Yoga & Breath workshop on April 12, 2015. So more here on a few of the texts I’m using as resource material for our discussion and practice. I’ll finish this previews series of posts by enticing you with food… The “Breath of Yoga” gives us the yoga philosophy undergirding the practice …

Hello world!

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The Snow Leopard: Nature Writing

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“Even in rain, this landscape is hallucinatory – gorges and waterfalls, the pines and clouds that come and go, fire-colored dwellings painted with odd flowers and bizarre designs, the cloud-mirrors of the rice paddies in steps down the steep mountainside, a flock of vermilion minivets, blown through a wind-tossed tumult of bamboo.” – Peter Matthiessen


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John P. Conger is a noted somatic and analytic psychologist. His writing is often beautifully poetic: “Like fire, touch is from the gods. It is elemental and essential like dance. Even words ‘touch’ us. There are no alternatives, no replacements. For children, touch is food. Not to touch them is abusive. … A phobic response to touch strikes against the …

If the capris fit…

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Putting aside for the moment my ongoing series on Jung and Yoga (series?! But there’s only one article!), I wanted to share some thoughts and some resources on yoga apparel. That’s right: yoga clothes. One of the most talked about issues in the yoga community I’ve found is the affordability factor: not only of yoga classes, but also the high …