Previews: Yoga & Breath – A Workshop

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I wanted to give you all some highlights of what we’ll be covering in my Yoga & Breath workshop on April 12, 2015. To do that, I’ll present a few of the texts I’m using as resource material for our discussion and practice, and then finish this previews series of posts by enticing you with food! Today I’m bringing us …

Integrating Yoga philosophy into your practice

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Are you honest with yourself about pain or discomfort in a posture? Do you ignore or push through to potential injury? Do you have a clear sense of your body’s structural limitations and do you embrace the willingness to modify or add props to support them? Honoring the truth about your body and your pain threshold cultivates a safe, stable, honest practice.

The Task of Analytic Psychology

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“…is to identify the false self” (or) the “mask of accommodation, (or) defensive structure (that) prevents our core nature from dealing with: fear pain anger excitement desire loss John P. Conger, The Body in Recovery The way the false self deals with these is through the neuroses of repression, sublimation and others and in physiological dis-ease.


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John P. Conger is a noted somatic and analytic psychologist. His writing is often beautifully poetic: “Like fire, touch is from the gods. It is elemental and essential like dance. Even words ‘touch’ us. There are no alternatives, no replacements. For children, touch is food. Not to touch them is abusive. … A phobic response to touch strikes against the …

Grand Projects of the Psyche

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Everything in the unconscious seeks expression.” – C.G. Jung The June (2010) issue of W magazine featured a pictorial on the nearly completed Moroccan residential complex of former Christian Dior/Shiseido cosmetic artist and renowned perfumer Serge Lutens, who has spent much of the past thirty-five years (and counting) designing, building (and re-building in some cases) and furnishing this wondrous and …