Happy New Year: Group Yoga Classes

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Happy 2016 to you.

Did you send 2015 out with a bang or a whimper, or perhaps just a quiet “thank you?” Maybe you sat in meditation on the idea of accomplishment (or procrastination). Though January often means pressure to set resolutions and intentions, there is also something refreshing about starting anew. New calendars (I got this lovely wall calendar for reminding me of the Big Stuff), renewed commitments to health, fitness, family, emotional well-being, spiritual or humanitarian causes, deeper psychological work, your art or your music – the new year offers us the opportunity to think about commitment and re-commitment, about growth, about beginning again, or going farther.

I spent a quiet fourth quarter revamping a spare room in my house. Where I had previously used a small breakfast nook for my office and a sunroom for my yoga space, I saw the chance to combine my writing, my teaching, my teaching business, and my personal practice into one larger, more accommodating room.
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I cleared out furniture, cleaned walls, doors, hardware, and floors, painted the walls a beautiful warm, bright off-white, and hung some very economically modest but dramatic-in-effect window treatments. I brought in only the few pieces of furniture I need to work and practice, keeping ad hoc storage and clutter to the barest minimum. There are still a few things to tinker with, but for the most part, it’s done.

Best of all, it can accommodate private instruction for up to 4 people.















Contact me about arranging a private session here for yourself, a couple or a small group of friends.

Are you new to yoga? Through the month of January, purchase two introductory private yoga sessions with me for the price of one. Click here to find out more.

In other group class news, my public teaching schedule has not changed. Join me at one of three classes during the week:

Monday – Dirt Cheap Yoga Lake Highlands – 6:00-7:15pm

Friday – Divine Sight Healing Arts Center – 9:30-10:45am

Saturday – Cosmic Cafe – 10:00-11:30am