From My Students

Shannon is a great teacher – knowledgeable, skillful, and sensitive to individual needs.
– Jean L.

Shannon is the best yoga instructor I have worked with and I highly recommend her to practitioners of all skill levels. She is patient, diligent and thoughtful. Shannon is constantly developing lessons that adapt to and advance my skills. She was able to come up with a creative plan for me when I was recovering from a leg injury. Shannon provides excellent instructions and is effective at challenging me to try new poses that I thought were too advanced for me.
– David H.

Her style is precise without being persnickety, soothing without becoming boring. I have learned so much about breath in my body and how to center myself from her. I never left her class without feeling challenged, relaxed and in turn, restored. Everything I look for in a yoga experience.
– Mary A.

Shannon is extremely intelligent, grounded, attentive, good humored and knowledgeable. Her guidance and instruction is individualized and gently encourages a commitment to the practice and ongoing skill development. Her style, grace and easy wisdom add so much to the experience. I highly recommend her.
– Amy S. 

Shannon is a world class instructor. Very  engaging, knowledgeable and thoroughly committed to helping. The growth of awareness of my inner workings – of my balances and imbalances – has made such a difference in my life.
– Patty R.

Hands down the best yoga instructor I’ve ever had, Shannon’s teaching practice is thoughtful, balanced, and tailored to each student, regardless of whether there is 1 person or 20 people in the room. If you or someone you know wants to experience the benefits of yoga (mindfulness, stress/anxiety relief, flexibility, strength, injury recovery, breath, balance, etc, the list goes one) please consider a private yoga practice with Shannon.
– Maggie C.

Shannon Thornton has been our private yoga instructor for almost a year and we love her! She provides personal attention to our specific needs…something you cannot get in a public setting. We have definitely seen our bodies change over time. We are stronger mentally and physically.
– Julie M.

Shannon’s attention and patience made our sessions very peaceful and worthwhile. She’s always glad to be in the moment with us and never hurried. Our sessions were never monotonous and we learned something new every time.  You can feel she cares about us and herself, always moving us in new directions!
– Patrick M.