Previews Part 2: Yoga & Breath – A Workshop

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More highlights of what we’ll be covering in my Yoga & Breath workshop on April 12, 2015. So more here on a few of the texts I’m using as resource material for our discussion and practice. I’ll finish this previews series of posts by enticing you with food…

This is a book I go back to over and over and over. Don’t presume I’ve mastered its teachings; I have not. But it’s written so simply and so convincingly that I can’t help returning to it whenever I feel like meditation practice is getting overwhelming or complicated. This book uncomplicates mindfulness by coupling it with breath awareness. It’s not a lesson in pranayama; it’s a lesson in observation of the mind’s workings by careful, conscious attention to the breath.


“Mindfulness in Plain English” is an introduction to Vipassana meditation, a tool or technique that’s part of the Theravada Buddhist practice; a tool designed to develop our capacity for individual insight. From our understanding of insight, we gain wisdom and compassion.

“Meditation is called the great Teacher. It is the cleansing crucible fire that works slowly but surely, through understanding. The greater your understanding, the more flexible and tolerant, the more compassionate you can be. You become like a perfect parent or an ideal teacher. You are ready to forgive and forget. You feel love toward others because you understand them, and you understand others because you have understood yourself.” – p15.

Mindful awareness of the breath is the bedrock of my yoga practice. Conscious attention to the particulars of the breath is ideal preparation for directing that same attention to the breathing body and mind in our work with asana. In our workshop, we’ll explore both the meditative practice and enlist mindful awareness to deepen our postural practice.

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