Previews Part 3: Yoga & Breath – A Workshop

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More highlights of what we’ll be covering in my Yoga & Breath workshop on April 12, 2015. So more here on a few of the texts I’m using as resource material for our discussion and practice. I’ll finish this previews series of posts by enticing you with food…

The “Breath of Yoga” gives us the yoga philosophy undergirding the practice of pranayama (along with the practice of pranayama). “Mindfulness in Plain English” takes us to a study of the relationship between mind and breath. With “Mindfulness Yoga,” the author helps us to see asana, mindfulness and breath tied together in a single practice.

BKPGFBMindfulnessYoga400“Sometimes, when we attempt a challenging asana, our breath grows tight and constricted, as does our mind, with fear and resistance. If we are not paying attention, this tightness and constriction creates imbalance and instability. Again, as soon as we notice this we simply place our full attention onto the breath. The breath will become calmer, deeper, and smoother; the body and mind will relax, and the asana will take on a beautiful poetry and life of its own. We may not accomplish the “ideal” form of the asana, but we will have truly practiced yoga.” – Frank Jude Boccio

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