Previews: Yoga & Breath – A Workshop

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I wanted to give you all some highlights of what we’ll be covering in my Yoga & Breath workshop on April 12, 2015. To do that, I’ll present a few of the texts I’m using as resource material for our discussion and practice, and then finish this previews series of posts by enticing you with food!

Today I’m bringing us back to Richard Rosen’s “The Breath of Yoga: A Step-by-Step Guide to Pranayama.” I gave a little taste of this book back in August of 2014.


This is THE book for you if you’re interested in starting a serious pranayama practice. And you should expect to spend a year in close company with it, if you’re serious about pranayama not as something you occasionally observe while doing postural work, but as a complete, stand-alone practice. That said, there is a healthy dose of asana – mostly of the supine or seated variety, and lots of excellent instruction on the use of props: blankets, bolsters, eye pillows, straps and sand bags. These are the poses that support the work of the breath. By integrating body and breath in this way, we’re opening the gates to a mindful awareness of our mental and emotional states and how they affect and are affected by our breathing body.

In our workshop, we’ll follow Rosen’s introduction to pranayama, the anatomy of the breath, and explore our body and breath connection through lots of supported asana.

Follow this link to secure your place in my workshop on April 12th, 2015!

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