A Gift of Yoga

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I realized a couple of months ago that it had been 16 years since my first yoga class. I’ve been teaching yoga now for half of those years. Two and a half years ago I decided to put all other work aside and pursue only this. I have days and weeks – little arches of time – where I’m as full …

Ashtanga: The Eight Limbs – 2

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Modern postural yoga is but one aspect of a total system of self understanding and self-compassion.  In my last post, I briefly surveyed the first of the eight limbs in the ashtanga yoga system, the yamas. Here, I’ll do the same with the niyamas, the five observances of the self, again drawing on both BKS Iyengar’s and Chip Hartranft’s writings …

Happy New Year: Group Yoga Classes

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Happy 2016 to you. Did you send 2015 out with a bang or a whimper, or perhaps just a quiet “thank you?” Maybe you sat in meditation on the idea of accomplishment (or procrastination). Though January often means pressure to set resolutions and intentions, there is also something refreshing about starting anew. New calendars (I got this lovely wall calendar for …

Yoga for Men: Hips, hamstrings, back and core

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Being able to touch your toes is about a common barometer and ultimate goal for back health as there has ever been. In modern postural yoga the pose that involves folding the torso over straightened legs has a name, uttanasana – from the Sanskrit for “intense stretch.”