Yoga – Body, Self and World

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This year makes 17 since I took up the practice of yoga. It was the year 2000. “Y2K.” Sometime around 2006-2007, I thought I might be ready to teach. This readiness wasn’t the result of anybody’s encouragement – teacher or friend. But I found myself in the quiet of my own practice, or in a class where I thought to …

A Gift of Yoga

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I realized a couple of months ago that it had been 16 years since my first yoga class. I’ve been teaching yoga now for half of those years. Two and a half years ago I decided to put all other work aside and pursue only this. I have days and weeks – little arches of time – where I’m as full …

Ashtanga: The Eight Limbs

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Modern postural yoga is but one aspect of a total system of self understanding and self-compassion.  While also the name for a certain style of modern postural yoga (to confuse things up a little bit), known for its demanding vinyasa and increasingly challenging sequences of poses, ashtanga also refers to a system of psycho-spiritual discipline that includes postures as only one of …

Happy New Year: Group Yoga Classes

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Happy 2016 to you. Did you send 2015 out with a bang or a whimper, or perhaps just a quiet “thank you?” Maybe you sat in meditation on the idea of accomplishment (or procrastination). Though January often means pressure to set resolutions and intentions, there is also something refreshing about starting anew. New calendars (I got this lovely wall calendar for …

A Yogic Foodway

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“The three kinds of faith express themselves in habits of those who hold them: in the food they like, the work they do, the disciplines they practice, the gifts they give. Listen, and I will describe their different ways.” – The Bhagavad Gita, intro. and transl. by Eknath Easwaran, Nilgiri Press, 1985/2008.   Devotees of Krishna (as well as many, many …

Good Yoga on the Internet: Yoga for Healthy Aging

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Because I noticed many of my new private clients are my own age or slightly older, and we’re going through the same kinds of transitions in both body and spirit. This blog is full of solid, validated research on cultivating a safe, strong yoga practice with lots of allied articles on the benefits of yoga for specific physical and emotional conditions with posts about …

The Task of Analytic Psychology

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“…is to identify the false self” (or) the “mask of accommodation, (or) defensive structure (that) prevents our core nature from dealing with: fear pain anger excitement desire loss John P. Conger, The Body in Recovery The way the false self deals with these is through the neuroses of repression, sublimation and others and in physiological dis-ease.


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John P. Conger is a noted somatic and analytic psychologist. His writing is often beautifully poetic: “Like fire, touch is from the gods. It is elemental and essential like dance. Even words ‘touch’ us. There are no alternatives, no replacements. For children, touch is food. Not to touch them is abusive. … A phobic response to touch strikes against the …